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Zero Emission Projects

zero emission projectsIn these times of increasing globalization and industrialization, zero emission projects or environment friendly projects are the need of the hour. Some projects are the ones which release very less or no emissions whereas there are a few projects which store the emissions and prevent their release.

The CO2 capture and storage projects (CCS) are increasing in number due to their efficiency. Some of the recently impressive CO2 capture and storage projects are-

  • Niederaussem, Germany – This is a pilot type project completed on 18/8/2009. The project boost to be Germany’s first post combustion CCS pilot plant. The aim of this project is to reduce the energy consumption considerably, which is  required to capture CO2. This is a € 20 million project and keeping in mind its long term efficiency the German ministry of economics and technology has provided 40% funding. This pilot plant is capable of capturing around 300 kg of CO2 per hour with as much as 90% efficiency.
  • Schwarze, Germany – this is another pilot type project completed on 20/5/2009. The 30MW pilot plant is testing oxy- fuel capture technology working on a coal fired power plant. This is the first CCS pilot plant of the world to make use of this technology. The project cost was around € 50 million this pilot plant is capable of capturing approximately 9 tonnes of CO2 every hour and about 200 tonnes a day.

Hence, the CCS is seen as one of the most effective and the best technology capable of abating around 90% of CO2 emitted by industries, energy sources etc. hence this is one of the very best ‘cleaning’ up process.