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Zero Emission Houses

Due to the rising threat to the Mother Nature from various sources, mankind has started to work to reduce the emissions. This is done by going green in every possible way- green food, green travel etc. The latest concept is introduction of zero emission houses or buildings.

In almost all nations it’s seen that almost 40% of global warming is caused by buildings. Hence there will be a considerable decrease if zero emission houses are built. China builds more buildings in a year than anyone else. Hence they have taken effective measures to build zero emission buildings, which began in Zhejiang province. It’s estimated that this building will reduce coal use by 448.9 tonnes and carbon emissions by 1081.8 tons over next 25 years.

The Ningbo- zero emission building as it is called is designed such that its electrical needs for cooling are only 7-8 KWhr/M2 a year. The building consists of array of photovoltaic cells, geothermal energy, a double skin of glass – for reduced solar radiation etc.

The Beijing Olympic village is the world’s largest green building complex with 42 residential buildings. The building makes use of following features- roofs are covered with solar panels and vegetation, toilets flush with graywater. There is a water efficient irrigation system and drought resistance native plants.

Looking at the benefits of the zero emission houses Australia too have completed their first zero emission house. This house will use 70% less energy as compared to the traditional house. Similar efforts are underway in USA as well.

Zero emission houses are very useful to negate the effect of global warming caused by other buildings or other sources, and the demand for such type of houses is in tremendous demand.