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Copenhagen 8th Day

The drama and tensions continued on day 8 of the summit with representatives from around 130 nations took a stand and walked off from the summit due to indifferences on viability of Kyoto protocol. However the talks resumed after 3 hours.

UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon warned the negotiators to redouble their efforts and not just to leave tough issues on the shoulders of global leaders to resolve the risks. Russia called on for USA, china, India, Brazil as the key nations which can cut down emissions strongly. Russia contributes around 6% of global emissions and is planning a 25% cut

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that Malaysia is ready to cut emissions but said that developed countries should do more. The British climate change secretary Miliband said that the negotiations were going forward very slowly and he has urged the negotiators to leave few issues behind and to get their act together and resolve the climatic issues.

Norway and Mexico launched a joint model known as green fund for financing climatic actions in developing countries. According to the proposal the scale of green fund could start around 10 billion $ per year from 2013 and can increase up to 30 to 4o billion $ by 2020.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono discussed a proposal to save tropical forests and thereby reducing emissions. This was a great move as France fights against deforestation and Indonesia comprises of 10% of world’s forest.

There was also a funding program which will be provided by Australia, Britain, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, and supply developing nations with cleaner energy technology.