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Copenhagen 2nd Day

The second day conference proceeded with cheerful words from UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer. His talks directed the speakers should utilize the first week to design effective foundation for seeking adaptation, mitigation, finance, technology, capacity-building and forests. His expectation includes funding of at least $10 billion a year from now until 2012 to support developing countries. Entry into variances of developed and developing headed after various countries provided various optimistic signs.

‘Legally binding climate change agreement’ was the idea favored by India’s Prime Minister’s Climate Change representative which possesses more weight than politically binding one –from developed countries, reports Business Standard. On the other hand influencing the negotiators being the attempt of  the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released introductory data about global average temperatures at the conference . Times online reports in the context of the data provided that this decade has been the warmest on record and this year will likely be the fifth warmest. Not really a good situation planet is really facing!

A non-advocacy organization of scientists and journalists, Climate Central has officially launched its Website designed to help explain the science behind global warming which will offer commentary and perspective on the proceedings.