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Green Technology

Green TechnologyThe concept of going green is picking up and more and more people are becoming aware and willingly contributing to the cause. Many of the major industries have also taken it seriously and are producing greener products. Technology is the ever changing field and with the frequent renovations and discoveries, it is getting updated with the green concept. The field of green technology covers a group of methods and techniques which are non toxic to the environment.


Technology has become an essential part of our daily life. Electronic products such as cell phones, televisions, music players, laptops and commuting vehicles are an inseparable part of our lives. Technology includes research on varied aspects. There are many ways to minimize the harm caused by these and green them up. Some of them are covered here which have been making significant contributions to help save our planet.

1. Green Gadgets- Powering all the gadgets with solar chargers is the better option to keep them green. Many gadgets like the cell phones, i-pods, digital clocks and thermometers have been designed in a way as to be powered by solar energy. Algae are considered to be the next big thing in biofuels and can be used as paper-thin biodegradable batteries. Spotlight timer for road traffic lights is a beneficial design which displays a countdown timer encircling the standard red stop-light making it simpler for the drivers to gauge the time before the red light changes to amber and then green. This helps them save fuel and drive efficiently. Microbial fuel cell batteries have also been designed which derive energy from naturally occurring bacteria in soil. These eco-friendly batteries could be used to provide power to areas lacking electricity.

2. Green Computers- Notebooks consume less energy than the desktops and should be preferred. Green computers are being designed which require less material for their design, have a low emission mainboard and consume a mere fraction of electricity. Switching off the computers when not in use can save a lot of energy. Keeping computers for long is the green way. Computer uses less power when hibernating than when sleeping, so it is better to set up your computer to hibernate rather than go to sleep. Save paper when printing and avoid discarding huge piles of papers when using the network printer.

3. Green Mobile Phones- Recycling mobile phones and using them for long are greener ways of using them. Most of the toxic substances used in the manufacture of mobile phone handsets are being replaced by castor beans, water bottles, car tires, corn and aluminum cans to make them more environmentally friendly. Also, recycling the hardware at the end of its life has been recommended to keep the process green. Apart from these, there are several downloadable applications available to keep a tab on the carbon footprint.

4. Green Home Electronics- Electronic devices are an indispensable part of our life and greening them is a matter of knowing how best to use them and how to dispose them when their useful life is done. Some of the steps you might take to go green can be using rechargeable batteries as far as possible, pulling the plug on devices when not in use to save energy, identifying energy-saving electronic devices (like cordless phones, stereo systems, TVs, DVD players, battery chargers) before purchasing them, using solar chargers to power your gadgets, disposing the used ones properly and not mixing them up in trash to avoid releasing toxins into the ecosystem.

5. Green Cars- Cars provide comfort and convenience but 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from cars and other SUVs causing air pollution. Green cars or the hybrid cars are a better option since they use biodiesel, a clean, veggie-based, carbon-neutral fuel without much modification to the engine. Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are also practical options over the current ones. Having clean air filters and having better driving practices can save a lot of fuel and pollution. Using windows instead of air conditioning is better. Carpooling is the best method to save energy, walking short distances instead of driving comes next.