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Green Cars – A Need of the Near Future

Green-Cars-TyresCars are the wonders made by engineers, created for convenience and comfort of travelling. But currently they are causing a threat to the earth by creating snarled traffic and sprawled suburbs. This can be stopped by the use of green cars with Eco Friendly Tyres and eco friendly fuels. In the near future travelling by green cars will only save the earth from destruction.

Green cars are not a new idea as there were individuals who insisted using vegetable oils for their car fuels. These cars are designed in various shapes and sizes because of their eco-friendly and fuel efficient concept. Gas powered cars is a type of green car which is equipped with a gas tank that sends the fuel to the engine. Then the engine powers the transmission turning the wheels. It is easy to refuel the gas tank and it also has high speed rate capacity. The gas powered fuel tank can cover a travel distance of 300 miles or more. Another type of the green car is the electric car. The gas tank is replaced with a series of batteries in this car. These batteries provide electricity to the electric motor which powers the transmission and turns the wheels.

But it needs to be charged frequently and the travelling distance before recharging. The combination of above two cars is the third type of green car called as hybrid or gas-electric green car. The gasoline engine in this car is small than that of typical car. The engine helps in reducing the emissions and improves efficiency by the use of advance technologies. Energy stored in the fuel tank is used to start the gasoline and electric engines. The electric motor works as generator in this hybrid car. Battery power can be used to accelerate the car or energy can be restored when the car decelerates. Gasoline is used in fewer amounts due to power provided by the batteries to the electric motor. Transmission is the same as in the gas-powered car. The only difference is that it is more advanced for accommodating the hybrid technology. This car has the capability to travel 500 miles or more on the gas tank and is also more environment friendly than the other two. Thus, a green car is the best for travelling in near future to help the earth from getting destroyed.